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Buckingham Terrace Medical Practice – Advice for Travellers.

URGENT  4th June 2019  -  Rabies Vaccine - Due to national shortage we are unable to provide these vaccines. If you require these immunisations you will need to source them via a priavte travel clinic. The list of some of these clinics can be found at the bottom of this page.

19th November 2018  Following the death of a UK resident from rabies following a cat bite during a trip to Morocco, all travellers are advised to avoid all unnecessary contact with animals while abroad particularly in those countries where rabies exist. Where an animal bite or scratch is sustained prompt first aid of the bite should be followed by urgent assessmentby a healthcare practitioner as soon as possible.***** Unfortunately due to the ongoing unavailability of the Rabies Vaccine we are unable to provide vaccination prior to travel, hence the importance of strict animal avoidance. You maybe able to secure this privately. A list of private travel clinic firms can be found at the bbottom of this page.*****


Buckingham Terrace is a Registered Yellow Fever Centre.


Travel Clinic

Pre-travel advice and immunisation is carried out by the Practice Nurse.

You should be aware that at peak travel times appointments may be fully booked so early booking is strongly advised as we cannot always accommodate last minute travellers.

Please contact the surgery as soon as you know you plan to travel, ideally 6 weeks prior. The reason for this is that some vaccinations are given over the course of a month and would need time to be fully effective. However if you have less than 6 weeks please still complete the form and we can advise you.

  1. Please download the travel form here or collect in person from the surgery. Complete and hand in the completed form to the surgery. This will help the nurse discuss which vaccines /anti-malarials are right for you. Please complete one form for each person travelling and please ensure you include a contact telephone number and an email address.


  2. Make a telephone Travel appointment with Sister Scott five working days later.


  3. Sister Scott will call and discuss your travel plans. If you require to have vaccinations and/or malaria tablets this will be arranged during the telephone appointment.  


Not all travel vaccines are available on the NHS and have a cost associated.

NHS vaccines include: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and these are free. 

All other vaccines including Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis B, MenACWY and Yellow Fever are chargeable.

Buckingham Terrace is a registered Yellow Fever centre and we can advise you if you require this vaccine for your planned travel.

Our current prices are as follow;


    • Yellow Fever (including certificate)  - £70 (single dose)


    • Re-issue of lost Yellow Fever Certificate  - £20


    • Rabies -  £60 per dose (usually a course of 3 required)


    • Japanese Encephalitis - £90 per dose (usually a course of 2 required)


    • Hepatitis B - £40 per dose (usually a course on 3 required)


    • Men ACWY - £60 (single dose)


    • Private prescription charge - £10 per item


*All prices may be subject to change*

Anti-malarial tablets are also subject to the private prescription fee of £10.00 and you are liable for the full cost of the anti-malarials at the chemists. Some anti-malarials can be purchased direct from the pharmacy without prescription and you will be advised of this if relevant

You will find it useful to access the web link:

This site gives information on vaccines / anti-malarials by destination along with useful advice on prevention of travel related illness such as traveller’s diarrhoea, insect borne infections, as well as problems relating to heat / altitude etc.

***Please note that the practice does not provide Tick Borne Encephalitis vaccine and you will need to source this at one of the private travel clinics listed below***





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