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FLU CLINICS Posted on 27 Nov 2018

Are you entitled to Flu Vaccination?  Don't know ? You can find out by simply going back to the home page of this web site, on the leaft hand side colum click on "immunisation" and then type in "flu" in the search box. You will be presnted with the most up to date guidance from NHS Scotland on who should get the vaccine.

IF YOU ARE ENTITLED,  then simply call us on 0141-2116210 and make an appointment to be vaccinated.

IF YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED, you can be vaccinated privately by contacting one of the local chemists.

CHILDREN FLU (2-5 Years Old)

If your child was born between 1/9/2013 and 1/9/2016 inclusive then he/she should be vaccinated against flu. Please contact us on 0141 -2116210 and make an appointment.


Have any questions? Please call us.





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